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The on-demand eDiscovery videos consist of the Information Technology (IT) Series, Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Pretrial Discovery Series, and other videos that are constantly being added and presented by many of the top eDiscovery experts from across the country.  

Interested in a specific topic?  Playlists are provided that link access to specific legal and technological issues without having to listen to the complete video.

Interested in the "advanced" or a "basic" version of the legal and technological issues covered? The "basic" series of videos are condensed versions of the "advanced" series for those who want a more abbreviated understanding of the legal and technological eDiscovery issues.


Information Technology (IT) Series (Basic or Advanced)

To fully understand how the law and technology relate, eDiscovery practitioners need a foundation in computer technology and forensics and how it relates to eDiscovery.

The purpose of the Information Technology (IT) Series for Legal Professionals is to provide a basic understanding of how electronic data is created and stored, the different types of "electronically stored information" (ESI), computer forensics, locating ESI from different sources and locations, and managing it using computer technology.  Understanding the infrastructure will enable legal professionals to apply eDiscovery legal mandates in order to request and produce ESI and avoid sanctions.

The IT Series is organized into the following sessions and on-demand videos:

  • 001 - Overview of Information Technology (IT) and Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery)
  • 002 - Creating Electronically Stored Information (ESI), Directories and Forms
  • 003 - Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Characteristics, Terminology and Classifications
  • 004 - Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Types - Metadata and E-Mail:  Part I
  • 005 - Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Types - Internet, Databases, Spreadsheets and More
  • 006 - Computer Forensics - Restoring and Concealing Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
  • 007 - Infrastructure:  People, Procedures and Technology
  • 008 - Storage Locations:  Media, Devices, Networks and Servers:  Part I
  • 009 - Storage Locations:  Cloud, Back-Up System, Archival and Legacy:  Part II
  • 010 - Managing and Producing Electronically Stored Information (ESI):  Technological, Search and Cost Issues

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Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Pretrial Discovery Series (Basic or Advanced)

This program series provides strategy and tactics for handling specific electronically stored information (ESI) issues throughout pretrial discovery.  These include scope of discovery, preservation obligation and legal holds, controlling costs, search methodology, form of production, accessibility of ESI, limitations on discovery, clawback agreements, cost allocations and much more.  Whether it is a "meet and confer" or "request for production," these are critical issues to focus on in requesting or producing ESI.

Though it is beyond the scope of this series to discuss specific eDiscovery procedural rules for each state, many states have patterned their rules after the federal rules.  In addition, the above IT concepts apply to all federal and state rules.  

The ESI Pretrial Discovery Series is organized into the following sessions:

  • 011 - Nature of Claims, Scope of Discovery, Terminology and Classification
  • 012 - Legal Holds and Controlling Costs
  • 013 - Search Methodology and Protocol, Inspection of Computer Systems and Chain of Custody
  • 014 - Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Format Disclosure Requirements
  • 015 - Privileged Electronically Stored Information (ESI), Nonwaiver Agreement and FRE 502
  • 016 - Limitations on Discovery - Cost Allocation (Proportionality), Protective Orders, Burdensome and Relevancy
  • 017 - Certification of  Production Efforts
  • 018 - Spoliation and Sanctions

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Additional eDiscovery Videos

Other eDiscovery videos are being added on a continuous basis with presentations from many of the leading eDiscovery experts from across the country.


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