Client Testimonials

Live eDiscovery Training

Jennifer Lucchesi, California State Lands Commission  
"Thank you for the training you provided our staff in the field of electronic discovery. The feedback that we have received from staff was universally positive. . . . Our staff was impressed by your vast knowledge on the subject matter as well as your ability to present complex legal and technical concepts, best practices and case law in a manner readily understandable by a wide-ranging audience including legal, technology and administrative staff.

Georgetown eDiscovery Training Academy Evaluations
"Great lecture."
"Michael is relevant and on point. He communicates clearly. His materials are excellent."
"The written materials for this were great, but Mike's PowerPoint presentation is probably most valuable to the attendees because it seems to synthesize a lot of the issues and provides great practical advice."
"Michael Arkfeld was the perfect speaker on this important topic. The format worked well because it meshed the various written materials."

A  Marco Turk, J.D.
Attorney ADR Professional
I feel that the two-day program was extremely informative and contained the necessary elements to prepare interested judges and lawyers concerning the intricacies and elements of eDiscovery law and technology necessary to navigate the rough waters of this rapidly growing area of the law.  Michael's preparation, presentation, and warmly conveyed extensive knowledge of the subject matter elevated this program above other CLE seminars that I have attended over the years.

Kraig Marton
This was an excellent conference and I am glad I attended.

Tim Piganelli
Piganelli & Assoc.
Mike, John and Josh are the best! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Written materials are excellent!

Amanda Panagakis
Davis Miles PLLC
Wonderful course. Great presentation!

Bruce Freeman
Conners & Winters LLP
This has been the first “e-Discovery” seminar that I consider to have been worth the time and travel.

Brandon Colburn
Litigation Support Professional
Great conference. I was stunned that the information kept me so engaged.

Thomas D. Laue
Udall Law Firm
Excellent and well done oral presentations and books.

Mark Lassiter
Davis Miles PLLC
Great program!  Michael Arkfeld gives great seminars.

Danielle Taebel
City of Scottsdale
This is one of the best conferences I have every attended.

Arkfeld 8 Week Interactive Course

Salim Uqdah (June 2016)
North Carolina Certified Paralegal
Arkfeld E-Discovery Program is not just going to fill a CLE requirement.  This program will change how you see the world.  Electronically stored information is swirling around our society.  This program highlights many different ways it is interwoven with our everyday lives, and gives you guidance on how to obtain that information that is useful for your discovery.  This program has universal utility in any law field:  Family Law, Antitrust, Personal Injury/Workman's Compensation, and many more.  I would highly recommend this program to any legal professional (Attorneys and Paralegal/Professional Staff).  As technology becomes more expansive, these classes will become even more essential to the legal realm, so empower yourself now.  There is no time like the present.

Rebecca Wood. CDFA (February 2016)
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
I entered Michael Arkfeld's eDiscovery course wondering if, as a nonattorney support staff, I had what it takes to even get through the course.  But, Michael's knowledge and expertise in the world of eDiscovery coupled with his passion and enthusiasm for teaching, not to mention the tools and resources he provided, made the course so interesting and so exciting that I ended the course with the skills and confidence necessary to take my career to the next level.  What an amazing journey!!  Thank you Michael!

Cynthia D. Starkey (February 2016)
Legal Project Manager
Although we have been grappling with ESI and EED issues for the past few years, the Arkfeld Online eDiscovery and Digital Evidence course took our understanding of ESI/EED to a whole new level.  This course provided insight into the pertinent law, as well as emerging technologies.  I highly recommend this course!

Kevin J. Mooney, JD, MBA, MPA, CFLS (August 2015)

Minyard Morris, LLP, Family Law Practice
Michael Arkfeld's breadth of knowledge on the universe of ESI law, and his ability to practically and clearly communicate that knowledge, made the information presented in his online eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Course (and related publications) both easily attainable and immediately applicable to our day to day case management and office operations.  Not only did Michael open our eyes to the liability issues related to ESI, but through his tips and advice for on the ground application, Michael also changed the way we practice law.  Whether a seasoned attorney, a new admitted to the bar, or simply as one who is collaterally involved where legal discovery and ESI are at issue, Michael's course is a must.

Joe Maio, California Department of Justice (August 2015)
Technical Support Staff
It's a great course.  I am/have been suggesting other groups to seek out Arkfeld for possible training on eDiscovery.  Michael is a forward-thinking guy, and it would behoove the entire legal ststem to heed his advice.

Richard Ito, California Department of Justice (August 2015)
I had the privilege of working with Michael through his work with the California Attorney General's Office. It's not that often that I meet industry professionals that you can speak the same language on many different levels.  Michael truly possesses a wealth of information and is gracious in sharing that knowledge with others.  Michael's Treatise and Best Practice Guides are very helpful in navigating the sometimes challenging landscape of eDiscovery.

James R.  Hankle, Esq.
This is really a revolutionary way to conduct an electronic discovery and evidence course. It has been an honor to be a participant. 

John Gibson, Legal Assistant, Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP
If anyone needs to gain an in depth understanding of the e-discovery process then this is the course I would definitely recommend. Thanks to this course I have gained a deep understanding of how to manage an e-discovery project, I have become aware of issues to consider at each stage of the process and I have enhanced my functional knowledge of how to collect, process, review and produce electronically stored information.

Gordon D. Cruse, Esq.
Certified Family Law Specialist
I wanted to say thank you once again for a great program and a terrific manner of presentation. I enjoyed hearing the other participants. Your presentations are always thought provoking and entertaining. I did have a good time taking the class.  I even managed to pass the test...You have made us all better practitioners. 

Amanda J. Panagakis, Director of Practice Technology & Project Management
Davis Miles, PLLC
I believe you have the best online eDiscovery course available. I have searched for other eDiscovery courses when preparing discovery requests and have not found anything else that compares to yours... Wonderful course and extremely beneficial.  As a person who has to explain eDiscovery to other litigation staff and to clients, this course has provided a basis of terminology and structure to eDiscovery, which helps me to educate others.   

Rob Robinson
Orange Legal Technologies
The experts, curriculum, and execution of this eDiscovery Course was excellent and provided me with a solid understanding of both the legal and technology aspects of eDiscovery. The thoroughness of the material, the expert presentations by industry acknowledged leaders, and the flexibility afforded by the online/teleconference format made the course the finest eDiscovery learning opportunity I have had the opportunity to experience.

I would recommend the course to my fellow paralegals. The amount of information covered was amazing and the ability to ask Mike and the speakers questions during class was priceless.